Barefoot Bodyworks

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"Ashiatsu masage is incredibly deep and intense. It gets to the root of chronic muscular problems that would take at least 3 ordinary massages." Sylvia Z

"Christine, thank you for your loving touch! You skillfully relaxed my sore and tight back muscles, brought me healing and the true meaning of TLC." Sharon G

"This is the massage I've been searching for!" Anonymous

"Before my first Ashiatsu appointment I wasn't sure what to expect from being massaged with someone's feet, but it felt like a pair of really strong hands. This massage is deep but not at all painful. I highly recommend that those who like massage give this technique a try!" Gabe G

"..the massage therapy room is an entrance into peace and experience not to be missed...I use massage as preventative health care to alleviate muscle tension and calm my mind....and highly recommend Christine Schumann." Katherine A.

"Aww, man....I just drooled" daughter, Elise age 6

 "...thanks to Ashiatsu..I've been able to manage my frequent migraine headaches and experience a level of relaxation I have never experienced before." Andre D


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